Tuesday, April 24, 2007


If the Jesus Family Tomb has been found, then what do we make of the new information it provides?

If we deny that this tomb is indeed Jesus', then how do we accept any other tomb, such as Caiaphas or Cyrene, widely accepted as being true?

If we accept that, in all likelyhood, this is Jesus`s family tomb, then where do we start in rewriting 2000 years of history?

If Jesus had a wife, a son, and a "normal" life, then I accept him more than ever.

If the Council of Niceen avoided the apocrypha, called Judeo-Christians heretics, and upheld political aspirations of the Roman Emperor as priorities of the Council, then the first thing we need to do is analyze what they decided in Niceen, on whose authority, and what scholarship standards were applied.

If christendom, from Niceen on, adopted misleading and a poorly researched dogma, then it is high time they revisit this dogma.

If Jesus had a wife and a son, then why shouldn`t the pope and prists do too? Don`t some? Haven`t some?

If we are to have a faith, then it must be based on a high degree of truth based on all the available information, including an addendum leaving an open door to the future, when more information may be discovered through archeology or other science.

If the message we have been taught is incomplete, then the true faith will welcome a new approach, new information, and a new light.

May the truth win.


Tartaruga said...

"If Jesus had a wife, a son, and a "normal" life, then I accept him more than ever".

Yo también... concordo plenamente.

Little Bunny Foofoo said...

Hi daddy, I didn't really read it but I know is good because you wrote it...I lov u. BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!