Sunday, December 9, 2007

Lou Dobbs is a RACIST! And Americans are OK with it...

Inevitably - and regretably - the media speaks on behalf of the culture and people where it exists. It is frightening that Americans allow Lou Dobbs to speak on their behalf through CNN. (It is equally regreatable that CNN allows this too, but at loeast CNN has the excuse that it wants to attract viewers, and, as long as responsible journalism is not a higher priority, they at least have an excuse for putting such trash in front of the public.

What is sad, and sickening, is that Americans have become complacent and apathic at Lou Dobbs and CNN, much as they have done with the Iraq War, as well as the notions of the United States STARTING wars, engaging in TORTURE, defying the Geneva convention, using foreign lands (Guantanamo) to engage in activities which would be illegal in its own soil, doubtful election results, and so on.

Where are the Americans? Michael Moore wrote a book entitled "Dude, Where is my Country". Lee Iacocca recently wrote a book on the subject too, implying that true American values were recently trampled right under everyone's noses, and NOTHING was or is being done about it.

If the current state of affairs was documented, say, at the time of Reagan (the time of the last major war or war-like situation - the Cold War), what would have happened? How would Americans react to this?

Perhaps Americans are apathic because, as bad as things are, the economy is still reliable. That is changing, though. And it can be argued that the reason we don't see so many peace or anti-war marches is because this time around the Draft has not forced young men and women to enter the Armed Forces, as they did in the Vietnam War (the US's previous Iraq-like fiasco).

Americans profess that their country is a beacon of hope for democracy, justice, freedom, expression and the power of the marketplace to decide economic growth and future. Yet, their central government engages in wars, killing innocent people, unlawful imprisonment, takes land from whoever it wants to, bullies otyher nations with military and economic sanctions, and often does all this TO nations who have democratically elected leader, as in the case of Chile (remember September 11th... 1972?).

I think Americans should retake their country from enemy hands, and rejoin the international community of nations. They should understand clearly that their country, as it stands right now, is engaged in CRIMINAL ACTS, which they support with their tax dollars. Only the realization that, as supporters of the current regime, Americans are willful passive supporters of these actions, will they fathom the massive mistake they are engaged in, and act so as to undo this damage.